Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My BiRthdaY PosT^^ 15/06/2009


Yes it was my birthday ^^ hahaha, I was very happy that my bebe helped me celebrated on 14/06/09 and on my actual day 15/06/09. I really appreciated what you plan for me in my birthday. :) It was full with surprise and fun being together
with you!! Really thank you and love you ^^

On 14/06/09

This morning she plan to bring me to 1u and go shopping, then we went to eat some dessert 1st lol. We ate a lot of durian dessert = =..hahaha...but it was really tasty^^ I was craving for more! After that I thought of going to Neway and sing k haha and we headed to Neway to make a booking and sing K. After that we having fun singing song and then, she give me a surprise by taking in my birthday cake, which is made from cupcakes ^^.. It was so sweet hahahha, the cupcake is also very sweet*-* lol I was stone and happy hehehe, really grateful for that birthday cake lol as it was special!

After singing k it was around 4.30 pm, then she say she wanted to bring me eat something at K.L, so we headed to K.L to find that restaurant! We search and search and at last, we found it hahah, it was located in Jln Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant name was El Cerdo. It was a Spanish restaurant, and in my life, this is the first time I been to a Spanish restaurant hahhaa!! So it is something new for me lol....When we going in, we brought our own wine, which is ice wine, and then they say they will charge us for bringing our own wine, then I ask the waiter how much will they charge, they say they will charge us for rm80 for taking our own wine, I was WTF??? lol then I say is ok we keep our wine hahaha. Expensive leh - -rm80 for drinking our own wine swt = =

Then we headed to our seat and start to order, when I read the menu, I was once again WTF hahaha, this time I dunno what the hBlockquoteeck to order lol = = I was all ????? hahahah but lucky my bebe Evon help me to order as she has read from a magazine which introduce what is their famous dishes, haha then I was phew~~~ lol. We waited for our food to come and they serve us with this green pea soup with bacon inside, wow the soup was delicious ^^ yum yuM

Then come the main i totally do not know what is those dishes name hahaha, but I do know 1 thing, that those food are delicious...wahhh really tasty...pork, squid, pork ball, pork ribs, smoke pork and prawn? lol Those pork ribs was delicious, and the rest also very tasty.... really wanted to have another go at that restaurant lol.

After finish all our meal, then the surprise come, hehe, she give me my present and say happy birthday lol^^ I was really happy and really curious what I get for my birthday present hehehe. Then when I open it up, I saw it was a box of large heart shape chocolate...I was kinda dissapointed to tell the truth, but I was happy also because it was a gift from my love one^^ Then when she saw my happy + dissapointed face hahaha, she ask me to split open the heart shape chocolate to see what is inside..then I was what, hahaha another present in it? lol This time it make me more curious hahaha, first I tot I get a chocolate as present now it have more, hehehehe...then when I open it, I saw it was a gold ring.. wow I was so happy I receive a gold ring^^ Thank you bebe for giving me a ring, I really do love the present you buy for me and I will do appreciate it.
After that we head of and went back home ^^ hehe

On 15/06/09

This day, my bebe have to work, but she promise me that she will celebrate with me when she finish her work. So as we promise and plan, after work I go to fetch her at KLIA at 8 p.m. Then we headed to 1u to take photo sticker for my birthday as she say it is a must lol^^ We rushed to take our photo sticker and the outcome is very good lol^^ The picture taken is very nice hahaha...I was satisfy with the picture and then she say she wanna bring me to T.G.I.F to have a simple celebration, just to eat our dinner. So I say ok, since she say so. So we headed to T.G.I.F and order our 2 course meal, we just order 1 set as I know she can't finish it all, so I decided to share with her.

When we finish eating our meal, we chit chated and then , another unexpected thing happen again.....hehe she has bought me another cake and then I was stone and get surprise again. I thought this suppose to be a simple celebration hahaha, then as usual, the T.G.I.F waiter and waitress will do what their tradition do, sing song and ask me to stand on the sofa to give a speech. lol So I did and I was quite shy and happy at the same time hahaha.. I did not know that she has this planned too. Really thank you bebe for all the things you do for me and all the plan you come out with on my birhtday.

I really do appreciate what you did for me and will not forget it. I love you muacks and once again a million thank you for giving me such a memorable nite with you on my birthday!!

Thank you and LOVE YOU

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Little Princess Birthday ^^ 14/5/09


14th May, this was a big day for my bebe, hehe. It was her birthday ^^. haha she is just older than me 1 month as my birthday was on 15th June hahaha. On that day, I was planning to give her a surprise, it was early in the morning, I purposely went out to The Curve and get her a cake, it was Baskin Robbins. But me and her had an arguement that morning ..but we make up and kiss up on the sofa, hehe if u get what I mean. And I also bought her a ring for her birthday present. hehehe. Really hope she love my planning for the day^^

Soon after we the arguement was settle, we went to take our bath and prepare to go to 1u to watch movie, which is Angels and Demons.This was a nice movie, before going going to the cinema, we had our quick snack at Shihlin and have some Kebab. Because we are hungry and not enough time to eat other thing, because the movie going to start soon. We went in and enjoy the movie.^^

After watching Angels and Demons, we head to the sticker machines and take our stickers picture together hahahaa, she was having a lot of fun taking sticker pictures.^^ We hang out at 1u and shopping togehter until I feel hungry , haha and decided to bring her to the Ship to have her birthday dinner at there. Hope she love the food there.^ ^

Shortly after reaching the Ship at Uptown, we take the menu and order what we want, we order an appertizer, main course and a dessert. Those are the food that we order, lol....I ate very full that nite haha, and my princess bebe was not full lol, that surprise me lol. And I order a banana split as our desserts. We take a few pictures and later headed back home.

After reaching home, we decided to take the cake out and I started to sing happy birthday song hahahaha. She was very happy as she was ready to blow the candle and make her wish. Haha, after making her wish, I suggested that we go Genting to countdown over her birthday lol,I wish to spent the nite with her until her birthday past. lol. So, before we headed to Genting, we stopped and have some "tong sui" near Tmn Fadason.

Me and my bebe went to have our tong sui at Honeymoon, near Tmn Fadason, the tong sui was not nice at all= =....really dissapointing, but the durian pancake was delicious hahahha, really tasty, after eating it, feels like ordering another plate of it. yum yum~~ but after finish our tong sui, we straight head to Genting haha..I was really tired, but to make my bebe happy, no matter how tired also I will try my best to make her happy that day!

So we headed to Genting, after reaching there, we went for a walk and take some pictures, hahah it was a memorable nite with my bebe, and I also hope she will never forget the way I celebrated her birthday with her. After walking for a while, the clock nearly tick 12am, I quickly tell her Happy Birthday before it hit 12.01am..haha she was so happy and after that we headed down back and went home.. Wow it was a really happy+memorable+tiring nite hahaha

Really hope that you Bebe Evon, will always remember ur special nite, ur special day, that we had a great day together and ur birthday celebration with me!! And hope you like the ring that I bought you for your Birthday Present!! hehehe

I love you Muackss!!